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On he flew among the black pines, brandishing his staff with frenzied gestures, now giving vent to an inspiration of horrid blasphemy, and now shouting forth such laughter as set all the echoes of the forest laughing like demons around him.
He squatted down in the center of the room and a little brown donkey ran and brought a big gold crown which it placed on the monarch's head, and a golden staff with a jeweled ball at the end of it, which the King held between his front hoofs as he sat upright.
With this, he waved his staff with the jeweled ball, and before them instantly appeared a tea-table, set with linen and pretty dishes, and on the table were the very things each had wished for.
The years of affiliation with the camp included staff with almost one year to forty-two years.
An activities committee composed of staff with untapped talents ensures staff ownership and success.
In these cases, it is difficult to import staff with new skills and expertise.
Staff with control of their travel budgets, from stack managers to the president, have independently made the judgment that, for various reasons, first-class travel is generally desirable for their missions.
The question-and-answer format was chosen because it provided the staff with the opportunity to study questions on interrelated topics simultaneously to ensure that the requirements of the statement are being consistently applied.
Because there is not much of a developmental difference between older campers and younger staff, campers are likely to approach staff with questions involving both physical and emotional intimacy.
GHI), a not-for-profit corporation organized by the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Virginia, presents its staff with an opportunity to continue learning, whether for updated information, career advancement or personal enrichment, at both its continuing care campuses-Goodwin House in Alexandria and Goodwin House West in Falls Church.
A: job-related training program designed to provide staff with new techniques for doing their job better will benefit the organization both directly - by sustaining a competent staff - and indirectly - by affirming for the individual the organization's commitment to him or her.
At the same time, eShift helps providers create a more flexible staffing environment while empowering staff with improved access and control.