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Cancer patients at Southport Hospital, Merseyside had to either postpone treatment or use the staffroom.
Space wasn't a problem in the staffroom - as it was three rooms in one - there was more than enough room for the full-time staff of some 30-35 teachers.
Simon Martin and his classmates in 4C are renowned for being `the Sads and the Bads, the ones who have been despaired of most loudly and often in the staffroom over the last couple of years'.
The extension will comprise a new classroom, staffroom and resource-room.
LOVED the outrage when a couple of staffroom jokers blew the whistle on tedious kids.
The work includes a newly-built classroom for the under five's playgroup, a new Year One classroom, a library, administration block, staffroom and a community hall.
CANCER campaigner Marina Dalglish has slammed a Merseyside hospital after patients had to undergo chemotherapy in a nurse staffroom.
Carol is in the staffroom lost in the drift of conversation.
The Telegraph reported firefighters had branded pounds 72,000 spent on new staffroom chairs at fire stations as a waste of public money, amid cuts in the service.
The result is uproar in the staffroom and Grantly organises a petition.
But can you imagine the fist-fights in the staffroom when word gets round that Girls Aloud are in the terminal?