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While the allegiance usually changes from time to time, in basic terms, Kuya has more teachers than I, and were it not for my great Intelligence Quotient, I would never have managed to successfully run this the staffroom as I do.
When Don heard that the 'senior mistress' in the ladies staffroom had been passing comments about his night-time adventures in the Newcastle Oxford Galleries Ballroom, he did the unthinkable.
Children are allowed out of the classroom into the staffroom to eavesdrop on the discussion of their elders.
Courtney wrote: "The reception class is always making lovely things but I can't always see them cook because the oven is in the staffroom and children are not allowed in there.
I looked younger than half of the kids, and I got kicked out of the staffroom once because the other teachers thought I was a student.
The series kicks off by following the gang back to school - to Ysgol Tryfan in Bangor - not to sit behind desks to learn something new but to put the things they already know into practice in the ultimate practical examination as they set about transforming the staffroom.
Now smokers are being ejected from their last remaining bastion - the school staffroom.
Simon Martin and his classmates in 4C are renowned for being `the Sads and the Bads, the ones who have been despaired of most loudly and often in the staffroom over the last couple of years'.
She did not even sit in the staffroom and would move from class to class.
As well as four Prep and 12 Year 3 to 5 classrooms, there is a science and technology laboratory, a new staffroom, resource preparation and storage areas, and three outdoor learning areas complete with kitchens.
8232;From being a former student to sharing the staffroom with her old Hindi and Marathi teachers was "a matter of huge pride", the mother of two says, her eyes brimming with tears at the recollection.
LOVED the outrage when a couple of staffroom jokers blew the whistle on tedious kids.