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That's better, Count," said the staff captain, beginning to address Rostov by his title, as if in recognition of his confession.
It is an illness, there's no other way of explaining it," said the staff captain.
On he flew among the black pines, brandishing his staff with frenzied gestures, now giving vent to an inspiration of horrid blasphemy, and now shouting forth such laughter as set all the echoes of the forest laughing like demons around him.
It is equally vital that they trust that the administrators know that despite the staffs very best performances, there is always the possibility that the surveyors' perception of an incident might differ from their own.
Bylaws provide for the orderly conduct of medical staff business and empower the medical executive committee to act on the medical staffs behalf in bringing recommendations to the governing body.
EDITOR'S NOTE: In part three of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games series, we look at how communication, training and a strong recognition programme for staff contributed to the overall success of the largest press centre in Olympic Games history.
It then discusses some of the methods employed by research libraries to improve librarians' performance and effectiveness and gives particular attention to internships as a proven approach to staff development.
Medical staffs of the past were often composed of independently practicing physicians.
Even a casual stroll through a camp staff fair makes it very clear that many, if not most, camp directors fill their ranks with specialists.
Competition for managed care patients will require that DONs make thorough, accurate admissions assessments with unprecedented speed, working closely with the admissions director, administration and the nursing staff.
However, this is just a small step toward building the team environment that will help your staff succeed.