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The evidence is stage directions in Etherege's She Wou'd If She Cou'd (1668).
Question 2 has generated for me what seems a never-ending study of the stage directions that have survived in the early manuscripts and printed editions, a study enhanced by my colleague, Leslie Thomson, who compiled a database of over twenty-two thousand items from professional plays that formed the basis of our 1999 dictionary.
35) The same stage direction (not marked by ke) in the same play of the Yuankan edition explicitly indicates that Ren Fengzi kills his own baby in this way.
The stage direction in Q1 reads Enter Maskers with Romeo and a Page.
Moreover, this masque sequence begins with characters forming an onstage audience commenting on the entrance of an actor representing Evening who is, according to the dialogue, "suddenly brought in by two winds", while, as a stage direction records, "Flajolets play a far off" (48).
For Honigmann, "The actor's task would be easier if he could at least begin to express his emotion--an alternative that involves moving the stage direction one or two lines down" (i.
31) As a result, modern Shakespeare editions suggest that the printed play texts are surrogate performances, performances of the mind in which (added) stage directions encourage readers to imagine a theatrical performance.
Full credit must go to the actresses and stage direction.
Having staged Fidelio for Welsh National Opera in 1997 with the same design team, the audience knew what to expect from these intelligent French producers: minimalist sets from Christian Fenouillat, concise and sharp stage direction and little interference with the singers' freedom.
The performance featured an all-black cast, cellophane sets by Florine Stettheimer, stage direction by John Houseman, and choreography by Frederick Ashton.
To begin with the theatrical annotation: part way down folio 13 v of the More manuscript, Hand C (the hand identified by most scholars as that of a theatrical functionary, not a playwright) inscribes in the left margin the stage direction 'Enter a messenger heere'.