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She now shares her cure with everyone in her new book, The Stage Fright Cure, which comes with online demonstration videos at the website.
She explained: "I was 18 and I was playing Jasmine in a production of Aladdin and it didn't have a good start because I didn't know I had stage fright.
He said: "I get tremendous stage fright that's getting in the way of me enjoying it, awful, awful.
Michelle Yard, a veteran of Mark Morris Dance Group says, "I get stage fright all the time
Chapter 10, "Emotions and Muscles," is about stage fright and what happens to the muscles when performing.
Whether you are standing in front of a large group of frowning managers or proposing a new idea to a group of people you know well, it can suddenly hit you: stage fright.
Stage fright prevents the 17-year-old from tapping, so Ella sings, instead.
Simon Creed and Suzanne Budd are hoping they don't get an attack of stage fright when they appear at the Hippodrome Theatre in Birmimgham next month.
Acknowledging that stage fright is the biggest deterrent to being an effective presenter, the author offers 12 tips on how to overcome the hold of fear and apprehension, such as "focus on the message, not what they might be thinking about you.