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JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland, comments, "Our viewers are always interested in learning how new ventures such as Stage Left Presents build their markets and brands.
The play was first introduced to New York audiences last year at Stage Left Studio, where it was developed.
13 on the main stage, followed by "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" on March 9, "Completely Hollywood (Abridged)" in Stage Left on April 20 and then "Almost, Maine" on May 25 and "Breath of Spring" on July 27, both on the main stage.
With a neon Whisky a Go go sign stage left and enough hits to burn up the dampest of spirits, the LA Doors are today's nearest live experience to the 60s idols they pay tribute to.
com)-- A dozen-plus actresses and comediennes will channel the female characters of playwright Frank Blocker's catalogue of American plays for a two-night special event at midtown's Stage Left Studio, 214 W.
Then it's on to Stage Left, the dressing rooms, Green Room and the costume shop.
And the lucky omen of Hillary Clinton has entered stage left.
Luckily, the brunette's quick on her feet and just as the unhinged factory boss looks set to shuffle her off this mortal coil, she escapes and exits stage left.
Press room in stitches and Redknapp departs stage left.
He divided the violins and moved the cellos and double basses from stage left to stage right, in the European manner.
The work opened with Matjias seating himself at the grand piano stage right, while Van Alstine stood motionless stage left, with he, back to the audience, But as Schubert's melodies poured forth from the piano, the dancer was gradually swept up into the music.
Little did they know that just over a year later, the fivesome would exit stage left never to return.