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In a city as large as Los Angeles, many veteran stage managers in the company - Dean Benson, Boyd Robertson, Jill Shepherd or Barbara Donahue - can be assigned to 150 or more events a year and make it a full-time adventure.
I am more informed about the fact that stage manager stayed up until 2 in the morning sending out e-mails.
Yet he maintains it is the role of stage manager where he has gleaned most satisfaction.
Trevor cherished the family atmosphere at the Fiesta as he went from lighting to assistant stage manager and eventually stage manager.
Andrew Hamilton, 18, a senior from Northboro, plays the role of the Stage Manager in the play, with pages of dialogue in the play.
After 40 years with the Welsh National Opera (WNO), stage manager Wendy Franklin is finally saying goodbye.
As assistant stage manager with the Glasgow-based Scottish Ballet, the 24-year-old makes sure every show runs like clockwork.
In Tipton's memory, Skelton placed her with Taylor's company as stage manager in charge of lighting.
Spencer, who had been booked to partner the Tom Foley-trained Dancing Hero, was found guilty of improper riding on Stage Manager after the racecourse stewards decided he tried to prevent the Eddie Ahern-ridden Santando coming up his inside in the mile-and-five-furlong handicap.
Stage manager Gemma Kettle said: "This is my second show as stage manager, and I'm learning along with everyone else.
Carefully researched by Broadway stage manager, television director, and five-year army serviceman Alan Anderson, The Songwriter Goes To War is enhanced with a handful of vintage black-and-white photographs, a roster of "This Is The Army" members and an index for easy quick referencing.