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As we saw at the beginning of the paper, there was a longstanding critical consensus that Pasolini's plays are not in fact stageable and so, one assumes, should be read more as dramatic poetry than as "strutture che voglion essere altre strutture.
Rivas' March 1918 premiere of Unamuno's Fedra in the Ateneo, six years after that play was written, is fundamental in this regard, for it marks a crossroads in the friendship linking the 27-year-old rising stage director -Fedra was his first production--and the maturing Unamuno, whose plays were being treated by Spain's mainstream theater establishment as more readable than stageable.
A lot of the metaphorical pieces about illness and addiction are not really stageable.
But the claim that the dramatist was both "learning to delineate styles of stageable masculinity" and "not the collapse of an abstract, patriarchal social order--but individual men who hack, weep, or strut their way through the falling timbers of that large edifice" (199) can stand or fall, depending upon how the narrative of the dramatist's artistic "development" is perceived.
Always keen to embrace a new challenge, DV8's artistic director and founder, Lloyd Newson, set himself the task of turning the interviews into a stageable piece of theatre that would involve more than talking heads.