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Kennedy double-dealt his way around racial controversies until his stagey telephone call to Loretta Scott King during her husband's imprisonment launched him on what became as believable a pilgrimage as Jimmy Carter's against injustices both men had abetted for most of their lives.
As if this weren't stagey enough, Ashok Singhal, a great votary of Dharma, a functionary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council), hectored that he would retaliate.
Apart from these moments, however, the video is rather stagey and static, involving question-and-answer exchanges between Clark and fellow survivors or caregivers in small group settings.
Luria studies the contrasting marginalization of French Protestants by dramatic and stagey rituals of conversion during the Counter-Reformation, a dismal triumph of bigotry over humane conciliation after the Edict of Nantes.
Like "Reservoir Dogs," "Bad Lieutenant" has some exceptionally stagey, set-piece moments meant to showcase scenery-chewing performances.
Even if it feels a little stagey, it's still the film Wall Street 2 should have been.
uk Carnage (15): Jodie Foster in Roman Polanski's stagey God of Carnage adaptation.
Stephen Frears and Christopher Hampton's classy if stagey adaptation of Collete's doomed love melodrama.
Some new gimmicks were a little stagey, like getting the ladies to sing, then the men.
The preening of the two dancers alludes to the way in which both citizens and city put themselves on display, while the stagey backdrop and mannered camping of the performers foreground the theatricality of Turin's most famous building itself.
Also, the score is bombastic and relentless and doesn't sit well with the slightly stagey dialogue in Justin Hay the's script.
A clunky, stagey movie, it stars perpetually sulky Hayden Christensen as verywealthy and unlikeable Clay Beresford, who's about to marry perky Sam (perky Jessica Alba).