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However, there are times when the lyrical storytelling overreaches itself and becomes somewhat unreal and stagey, while the revelation of Martha's own demons doesn't sit that comfortably in the general narrative.
It's all rather stagey, utterly predictable and offers nothing new from a director keen to keep us fantasising about younger lasses while old men talk like even older women.
target could ever seem like a good idea will find somewhat stagey but consistently engaging food for thought here.
Featuring a young - and often nauseating - cast that put you in mind of a convenient creche for TV execs' kids, they'd provide a meagre diet of sub-Christmas cracker jokes, stagey larking about, wholesome activity ideas and recipes that usually involved cornflakes and melted chocolate.
Despite the occasionally stagey and stilted performances of some of the adult cast, this was otherwise a joy - full of life, love, tragedy and laughter.
When it's at its best, this slightly stagey film has a lot to say about career-obsessed women.
Following a stint in 1992 as Stephane Sednaoui's assistant (on a series for Italian Vogue), Edstrom developed a deliberately informal approach to fashion spreads: no stagey back-drops or on-location shoots, no Helmut Newton-inspired Octopussy poses, no fussy retouching.
Potts shows a keen ear for locker-room banter, and his characters voice their arguments and attitudes concisely and coherently - although the two-hander conversations between former mates Ben and Dezzy feel somewhat stagey and plot-driven.
A clunky, stagey movie, it stars perpetually sulky Hayden Christensen as verywealthy and unlikeable Clay Beresford, who's about to marry perky Sam (perky Jessica Alba).
There is no escape from the pervasive influence of television, not even in a stagey farce like this, written for a small intimate theatre.
Clearly, creator Mel Brooks and his production team didn't want to mess too much with the Broadway and West End hit, but at times the film seems stagey, uninspired and unimaginatively shot.
Made on a microbudget, DV feature "High Life" is a slice of twenty-something Brooklynite life that might easily have turned pat or stagey, yet emerges a razor-sharp miniature, capturing the precise moment when prolonged adolescence surrenders to sober adulthood.