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What determined the inversion in the tendency to stagger and
microclimate, more surface growth will help stagger a flush and reduce the quantity of dirty product.
3 : to arrange or be arranged in a zigzag but balanced way Stagger the nails along either edge of the board.
It's as if the particles lurch from site to site, "like a drunk might stagger," jokes Wingate.
The sheets are then stagger stacked onto pallets that can be automatically changed when full.
This 1927 record--the only copy yet found--preserves one of the oldest surviving recordings of the Stagolee blues, the notorious black folk-ballad of how Stagger Lee gunned down Billy Lyons in a fight over a Stetson hat.
This rule works well for mixing sections, but does not address partially filled channels or the NITSE screw stagger issue.
With seventy pounds of food, warm clothing, and video equipment loaded onto my old external frame pack, I stagger out of Yingri in the predawn light.
WORCESTER - Local metal band 7 Minute Stagger has gone through some major changes, lately.
RAC motoring strategist Adrian Tink said: "The Chancellor has done little more than stagger the ongoing pain at the pumps.
5 and 2 set a stagger screen for 1, who has faked a baseline drive to set up his defender.
The survey followed Government proposals to stagger starting times to minimise the worst effects of the school run.