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La staggered forward, reeled, and fell across Werper in a swoon.
They staggered along down the lane, climbing once over a tree which lay across the lane and far into the adjoining field.
The landlord staggered into the room, followed by a young man.
Though he could neither stand nor walk, he involuntarily staggered to his horse, climbed upon his back, and clung there.
It was leant that following the refusal of the key leaders of the INEC Election Management Board to comply with the option of staggered presidential elections, the forces decided to reach a number of staff of the commission, who were said to have colluded in frustrating the delivery of sensitive items at the different states of the federation.
"I believe it to be a good idea," Williamson said of restoring staggered elections.
"I like the idea of staggered elections for the reasons you mention," Ward 2 Alderman Larry Rosenthal agreed.
Private sector worker Zainudin Ali, 53, who agreed with the proposal, said: 'When staggered school holidays are implemented, the problem of traffic congestion can be reduced and we are able to take a quieter and more relaxing vacation as there is no need for a crowded tourist presence in a particular area.
Meanwhile, Johor's SMK Puteri Wangsa Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) president Rahilah Abdullah argued that the cost of a holiday would fall if the proposed staggered school holidays was accepted while tourist spots would not be too crowded to visit.
Gross says another issue with staggered boards is that it makes it difficult for shareholders to send signals to management about their overall feelings of the company.
Companies that have previously had staggered terms are taking time to adjust.
work by Professors Lucian Bebchuk and Alma Cohen, that the staggered