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In response to the KFA's mail to all employees offering staggered payment of three months' salary dues, the Airline's Delhibased engineering staff has shot off a letter, asking the management to pay the salary from March 2012 to June 2012 at one go on or before 6 pm on Oct 26.
Pophristic spent 5 years crunching calculations with a supercomputer to figure out what underlies the stability of ethane's staggered conformation.
CHS general-purpose granulators, suitable for batch feeding of parts and runners including tough engineering resins, feature standard staggered rotors with cassette knives or optional open rotors with scissor-cutting action.
He intends to keep going until March next year - the anniversary of Mrs Rainey's death and says he has been staggered by people's generosity.
His purpose is to get the opponent to step with this leg and put weight on it -- putting the attacker in a staggered stance with the penetration leg forward and his weight on the rear, or drive, foot.
Remarks: All The Five Mentioned Chemicals Should Be As Per Specification And With Staggered Delivery As Mentioned In The Annexure(Attached).
The rotors have trapezoidal cutters on a helical angle, not perpendicular to the rotor axis, making a staggered cut that reportedly uses less energy and is less likely to jam.
Fianna Fail TD Noel O'Flynn wants club closing-times staggered and city-centre take-aways closed earlier.
Staggered Doubles: The offense sets staggered double-screens and the defense has to adjust by fighting through them or switching.