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that board staggering is a causal antecedent to managerial moral hazard.
I laugh at the build up of my mate staggering down the street, he staggers into the old man and I laugh at the way he goes down slow, it's childish I agree but with no malice or intent.
Its latest report, Staggering Trainee Changeover, states: "There is a clear need for change in the process of trainee doctor changeover.
Seen staggering from his car Seen staggering from his car A MAN seen staggering from his car was four times the limit.
It's cacophonous and, no pun intended, staggering, the sort of rock that shakes the skies.
Managing the number of pins that grow is not an easy task, but can be made much easier if you prepare a casing layer that is more conducive to staggering the pin set.
OFF THE BUSES: Staff from Cleveland Transit got off the buses to raise pounds 465 for cancer research -by walking, staggering and hiccupping their way through 20 public houses in a four hour sponsored pub crawl.
INCREASES Entrepreneur Keith Newman says staggering the fuel duty rise will help ease the burden
Nicola Elizabeth Ward, 30, from Limavady, Co Derry was struck by a car as she was staggering in the middle of the main Ballykelly to Limavady Road just before midnight on January 4, 2007.
Nandan Nagar (Tripura), Feb 26 (ANI): Pineapple growers in Tripura are a happy lot as the staggering technique has given a boost to the pineapple yield.
Aside from his staggering six-figure salary, just look at Brewer's other perks: A $45,000 annual expense account.
Anyone who doubts it should test drive a City Rover - now there's staggering incompetence for you.