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Labour MSP Neil Bibby said: "These figures are staggering and back up what patients and staff have been saying - that the RAH isn't receiving the investment it needs.
The running costs are staggering but hackers are logging into our domestic usage so it seems that in the future our bills are going to be going up; firstly because of the energy drain, and secondly because we could be funding hackers who are using our energy to run their own computer banks.
identifying the effects of staggering and destaggering on firm values
It is a staggering number of animals and who knows what needless suffering they go through, many just in the name of vanity.
It's the development staggering transformation central Alex The old site will be demolished in April.
PLAID Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has hit out at the Department for Work and Pensions after figures show a "staggering rise" in foodbank usage.
A STAR Wars collection dubbed the "best ever to come up for auction" raked in a staggering PS350,000 when it went under the hammer on Teesside this week.
covering thirty-four years of staggering and destaggering
A TRULY "staggering" PS25million was wagered on the election.
THE preview notes for The Secret Life of The Pub (Channel 4, Thursday) said "The average British man spends a staggering year and a half of his life in a pub."
A REGENERATION boss has hailed a change in business con-dence on Teesside over the last few years as "staggering" - and predicted further growth ahead.
In less than two hours, they collected a staggering 73 bags and three huge rubble sacks full of rubbish, a carpet, an armchair, a full wheelie bin and a trailer load of scrap from this quiet stretch of coastline adjacent to the Wales Coast path.