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There are a number of arguments about the reasons for this economic stagnancy among wealthy states.
The stagnancy of the Lebanese market is not helping with the recruitment problembut the market will remain on the maps of multinational clients
6 percent by 2016 which confirms two consecutive years of increased growth after a couple of years of stagnancy.
Many European countries continued to deal with economic stagnancy and the dollar's strong position against the.
The conference which is held by the Egyptian Dar al [degrees]Ifta aims at resolving the current state of chaos and stagnancy in fatwa issuance, seeking to promote the true concepts based on original effective scholarly methodology.
If we are to find a way out of the inertia and stagnancy in the theorising of CSC then we simply have to engage with approaches that have thrown light on 'communication' and 'social change' from a variety of theoretical perspectives--from the political economy inspired approach that Florencia Enghel has adopted as a means to critique the institutional basis for CSC as well as June Lennie and Jo Tacchi's 'deep' evaluation approach that is based on an endorsement of a 'mixed methods' strategy that is key to the holistic evaluation of CSC projects.
The PYMA leaders said that regular and steadier reduction in mark-up rate over the period is shedding positive effects on industry business and trade as the national economy is gradually pulling out of the stagnancy and is on the recovery path.
UKPRwire, Fri Feb 27 2015] With recently implemented cost-saving measures, legislative changes, and health insurance reforms, the Czech Republic is set to recover from its recent period of stagnancy and decline.
n (1943-1945 and 1946-1955) are an artistic metaphor for social and political stagnancy and conflict, but also reform.
This democratic government is showing signs of stagnancy and weakness.
The loss to the nation is beyond estimation; material loss has been enormous and more important is the loss of peace and tranquility which has pushed the nation into a state of stagnancy and uncertanity.
Fitchburg is under a consent decree from the federal government to reduce the amount of raw sewage discharged into the Nashua River after decades of stagnancy on the issue.