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Also, dengue mosquitoes thrive in clean, stagnant water while the culex and armigeres live in polluted water.
This is designed to release the stagnant fluids trapped in tissues Now gently slide the massager across the under eye area.
Mohammed Abdul Rahman, a resident of Khozam, said, "I have fears that mosquitoes and other insects might breed in the stagnant water near my house.
The bank said that it is expecting growth in the retail business to remain stagnant even though it reported growth of 15% in this portfolio during the last fiscal.
One of Japan's major confectioneries wants to install state-of-the-art production machinery there to enhance efficiency, thereby perking up its stagnant candy business, the sources said.
9 bil) in 2005, and it will remain stagnant in 2006 at 5,088.
violaceum infection in siblings who shared recreational exposure to stagnant water.
The survey also revealed that online college bookstores' sales grew 13 percent from 2003-2004, while insignia sales remained stagnant compared with previous years.
Dante will not succumb to his cancer until he feels that his owner Rae, who loves animals but has a stagnant personal life, will have a joyful life without him.
When they rose to the helm of the Communist Party two years ago, many hoped they would bring a new openness to a nation that is dynamic economically but stagnant intellectually.
First, its forest products industry has been grappling with the effects of the soaring Canadian dollar; stagnant demand for its premier paper product, newsprint; growing competition from South American mills for its other lead product, market pulp; and the long running trade dispute with the United States over Canadian softwood lumber exports.