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Stagnant incomes are weighing most heavily on those over the age of 50.
He informed that EPA removed stagnant water from a large number of dengue breeding sites.
The stagnant water has caused severe damage to the roads in the area.
Lane County's air quality is worsening slightly because of a stagnant weather pattern, and air protection officials are asking residents to minimize their use of wood stoves, which emit particulate pollution into the air.
With two-outs in the bottom of the ninth, Coco Crisp singled and stole his second base to spark a comeback for the A's stagnant offense, as Daric Barton's RBI single scored Crisp to tie the game.
Experts said the stagnant economy made an interest rate hike a "tough proposition" as the Bank of England juggles soaring inflation and weak growth.
Petrol Ofisi released a statement on Tuesday and said, "Fitch Ratings has reiterated long term note of our company as 'BB-' and National Note as 'AA-' and changed its outlook from stagnant to positive.
We all are aware that the stagnant water bodies next to the railway tracks are inaccessible.
A lack of genuine innovation has led to the UK tobacco sector becoming slightly stagnant, but we are bucking this trend with our second major product in the past 18 months," said Alastair Williams, trade marketing manager.
Massaging the skin around the eyes with the appropriate frequency, such as mechanical tapping or vibrations can work to facilitate evacuation of trapped, stagnant fluids.
Summary: RAS AL KHAIMAH u Pools of stagnant water still remaining in some areas of Ras Al Khaimah have raised health concerns among residents.
He said mosquitoes breed in pools of stagnant water, and this could be prevented by stopping any water leakage and draining away any stagnant pools at home such as potted plants.