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While the number of recreational tourists stagnated, business travel declined 9.
GENEVA: Inflation-adjusted wages stagnated last year and are likely to drop in 2009 despite signs that the global economy is gaining steam, a United Nations agency said on Tuesday.
Yeah, it originated in the ghettos to escape the reality that Mom was smoking crack or your father was a dope fiend or living some type of stagnated existence.
He and others also noted that even Holocaust restitution bills, which have a much stronger constituency in Congress than do Armenian issues, have stagnated.
Private sector expenditure has stagnated in Egypt over the past year and there is little sign that the situation will improve before midyear 2003.
On the ground, strange yellowish puddles stagnated beneath the metal shutter, corroded and oxidized through the application of a water and salt base that brought to mind the strong presence of the sea near Pozzuoli, a port town west of Naples and site of the installation.
But report author Chris Farrow, Welsh Development Agency North Wales executive director, said the number of projects approved and pending had stagnated since June.
After an initial boom in trade and investment, disputes have proliferated and intra-regional commerce in the 200 million consumer market has stagnated.
Funding levels for AIDS programs and research have increased dramatically, even when overall discretionary spending has stagnated.
Real wages - that is, earnings after inflation is taken into account - have stagnated or even declined for the great majority of working people.