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Household consumption stagnated this year due to the fact that regional tensions have undermined consumer confidence.
The Brazilian economy last year grew around 4% while the Argentine economy stagnated.
In most accounts of how wages have stagnated and inequalities have increased, several explanations are offered: the emergence of the global economy, the growth of new technologies, and the deregulation of major industries.
Standard Chartered Plc's (LSE: STAN) Asian private-bank asset growth has stagnated this year.
Looking ahead to Tuesday, Eurostat has already estimated that Euro-zone inflation stagnated during the month of May, but traders should still keep an eye on the final reading of this report.
Larger brokerage firms have stagnated, suffering from corporate timidity and personnel defections, while huge chunks of space sit vacant and with no tenants materializing to lease them.
Wisely hung according to formal affinities rather than chronology, the exhibition aptly described a career that has never stagnated or dissolved into self-quotation but that stems from a carefully selected if odd set of variables and a brilliant eye for mutation.
Sales have stagnated and we're barely breaking even," he says.
Now payments on those creative mortgages have ballooned; home prices in the region have stagnated and even dropped, and homeowners' equity has eroded.
MC) is expected to report that its third-quarter profit has stagnated.
Summary: The British pound ended last week down more than 2 percent as UK GDP unexpectedly stagnated during Q2 and led the annualized rate of growth to slow to.