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Low paid workers are being squeezed from both sides as sharp rises in living costs are compounded by stagnating wages.
The committee, which was discussing the impact of dark pools on the quality of the market, was told that activities at the venues have been stagnating for almost half a decade.
We expect Europe to be stagnating in the next 12-18 months, which will limit the growth potentil of Bulgaria's export-oriented sectors," says the Industry Watch report entitled "Is the End of Stagnation Near?
The stagnating economy, increasing inflation, austerity measures and general uncertainty about the UK's ability to avoid recession have all led to rental growth tailing off in the third quarter to just 0.
Globrix said towns in the north of England had been particularly hard hit by the stagnating market, with properties in the North accounting for eight of the top 10 towns which have the highest proportion of properties that have failed to sell during the past year.
It also cites stagnating and declining population in the EU along with an aging population that will eat significantly less meat than seen in the last decade, depressing meat and cereal demand.
England Under-21 ace Davies, who says he is stagnating at The Hawthorns, plans to hand his transfer letter to chairman Jeremy Peace.
THE IMPRESSIVE ARRAY OF socio-economic statistics marshaled in the Arab Human Development Report 2002, statistics that were supported and seconded by the subsequent Report a year later, tell the story of the stagnating, "under developing" world of the Arabs.
What usually happens when you make the mistake of stagnating is that the winds of change blow the competition ahead and leave you ducking for cover.
The reality is that markets are stagnating, and it's going to take innovative ways to grow business.