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Then again, you have to wonder what pipe Redford was smoking when he decided to make Carnahan's stagy, didactic screenplay into a movie.
William Hurt is a willing, low-key accomplice, a good foil for Kosminsky's gracious manner and slightly stagy cheerfulness.
With its stagy sets and fantasy sequences, this is a movie with great visual style as it summons up a mythical city straight out of a Toulouse-Lautrec poster.
There have been troubling attacks on free speech from pro-war quarters as well, such as the appalling incident in which Sacramento Bee publisher Janis Besler Heaphy, a commencement speaker at California State University at Sacramento, was heckled and booed off the stagy after she expressed concern that civil liberties might be endangered in the war effort.
They do stagy head turns to interview talking heads on Jambi screens with market quotes, headlines, weather, all blinking like an optic migraine I once had.
Dutoit was a good intermediary, absorbing the beat as much as dictating it, and having occasional stagy fun with the principals, who acted out some of their entrances and exits.
This strikes me as a painful pose, a stagy innocence adopted by scores of lesser and by one or two better American poets over the years; because Ferlinghetti writes in a popular style and is sharply aware of his audience, he can seem a tad calculating at times.
But photography's relatively brief history is filled with many fascinating border skirmishes, and one of the most compelling involves Paul Outerbridge, a master technician who worked successfully executing elaborate domestic still-life commissions for magazines such as Vanity Fair, McCall's, and House Beautiful in the first half of the twentieth century, but derailed his career by pushing what he considered his, well, "serious" art: a body of work increasingly comprised of stagy, erotic female nudes.
The 1956 ``The Rainmaker'' is a stagy, talky piece of fluff about a con man named Bill Starbuck (Burt Lancaster) who arrives in a drought- stricken Midwestern town and promises a miracle.
Christina Ricci, Michael Gambon, Christopher Walken and Miranda Richardson feature in a strong supporting cast and obviously relish a movie that demands over-the-top performances and stagy sets.
Her partner, Bourtasenkov, a good dancer who did yeoman's service filling in for an injured Marin Boieru, has a stagy acting style that was ill suited to the spare aesthetic of Duo Concertant.
With his unaffected manner, and rather stagy patter, O'Donnell positively invites cynicism.