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Kwei-Armah's relatively rapid success appears to have come at the expense of his full development as a playwright: Many of this play's problems (slightly clunky exposition, overladen central character, idealized women, overdependence on sins-of-the-father theme, stagy 11th-hour standoff) are familiar from the first plays in the trilogy.
He might also rethink the abrupt stagy blackouts that conclude each scene and consider eliminating the play's intermission to preserve dramatic tension.
The appeal of Pictures in the mid-'80s was in part the movement's calculated ambiguity, its appearance of detached irony shot through with menace, and the manner in which it embraced stagy, ersatz effects.
Screenwriter Milena Markovic, who collaborated with helmer Novkovic on short docu "The Miner's Opera," has a background in legit, which shows here, particularly in the somewhat stagy set piece scenes.
Costume designer Jenny Beavan, who received an Oscar in 1986 for ``A Room With a View,'' says of director Robert Altman, ``He wanted everything to be incredibly real without looking stagy or phony.
1945) has always been a rhetorical, even stagy painter, master of the visual coup de theatre and a brilliantly varied technician.
The broad humor of stagy thesps Anwar Solangi and Naeem Sidiqui translates poorly compared with white-collar Rehman's horrified attempts to get a handle on a night he'll never forget.
What's important seems to be the look of the still image, which shares some qualities with the work of more obviously trendy artists like Jeff Wall and Philip-Lorca diCorcia: a look of fractured, indistinct narrative, or, following Krauss, of "narrativity"; a look of stagy restlessness and boredom that somehow translates into critique.
While effective as an illustration of communal resilience, scenes are ultimately too numerous and undistinguished to gather much urgency, and their overly expository nature lends pica stagy, at times inauthentic feel.
Leave aside the fancy costumes or stagy gimmickry, the shows selling their messages with every new scene.
The awkwardness sometimes seems calculated and stagy, but at its best his painterliness has the same complicated instinctive resonance--conveys the same sense of concentrated passion--as, say, Marsden Hartley's.
Long conversations between her ex and talkative sister Nirmala Rajasingam, once a political prisoner famously freed by the Tigers, feel stiff and stagy, briefly subverting the main story.