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"I should not have had to follow her if she had staid."
Any of the staid, respectable, aged people who were there that night can testify to the truth of that statement.
Sometime staid departments have been transformed with edgy brands and the presence of expert advisors.
Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran who lost both her legs and partial use of her right arm when her helicopter was shot down during combat in 2004, was greeted with applause in the normally staid Senate as she and Maile were wheeled into the chamber.
Fans of feline drama will appreciate the engrossing events that immerse a staid librarian in yet another murder investigation.
Planned as a comic thriller with a staid plot and a bit of romance, the film seems stuck in some kind of time-space warp.
AN article showed that the great British sense of humour is flourishing, and conversely the staid prehistoric attitude of an old established high street institution.
PHH Corporation (NYSE: PHH) has added Stephen Staid to the company as Senior Vice President, Servicing, the company said.
As I was heading to the public library for a quiet evening of browsing through staid periodicals, I checked my mailbox, found the spring issue of Herizons and stuffed it in my bag.
LIBRARIANS aren't as staid as you might think, if a sizzling Twitter war between Shetland and Orkney libraries is anything to go by.
ACCOUNTANCY is a highly-varied profession that simply does not deserve its frequent reputation for being staid and dull.
The phone being a midrange affair has a glass back panel with a staid black front.