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With Williams, on the other hand, there's a wide gulf between the staidly earnest anchorman and the real man, who appeared quite witty.
Perhaps the most unequivocal statement of this position comes in Robert Kuhn McGregor, A Wider View of the Universe: Henry Thoreau's Study of Nature (U of Illinois P, 1997), a hagiographical reading that sees Thoreau changing from "a classically and staidly trained transcendentalist into a radical naturalist" and makes him the inventor of "the principle ofbiocentrism and the science of ecology" (5, 3).
Must their physical appearance be so outrageous when their manager is so staidly old hat?
But when push comes to shove, a section of NARC proponents argue that Kibaki could even surprise all and staidly by appointing the minister for agriculture, Kipruto arap Kirwa, who of late has been fingered by LDP supporters of speaking for Kibaki in his tirade against the so-called dissenters.
At its east end it tapers and morphs into the city's Bond Street, an elegant ghetto of deluxe flagships clinging staidly together, like first class passengers in the Titanic's lifeboats, for succour against the blare and dislocation of modern Tokyo.
The real scrap is below them with Worcester, Staidly, Hampton and Pelsall all locked into securing the No.
Villages straddled along the A435 Birmingham/Evesham Road have been campaigning for years for the Staidly By-Pass to be built.