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Gentlemen all, observe the dark stain upon this gentleman's hat, no wider than a shilling, but thicker than a half-crown.
The time was to come, when that wine too would be spilled on the street-stones, and when the stain of it would be red upon many there.
Well, you will be surprised to hear that there is no stain on the white woodwork to correspond.
There IS a second stain, but it does not correspond with the other.
Holmes, but I thought the point of the second stain not corresponding with the first would interest you.
The two stains did correspond, but the carpet has been turned round.
That's clear enough, for the stains lie above each other--if you lay it over this way.
His eyes dropped from her blue eyes to her lips, and the sight of the stain maddened him.
He had cleaned it many times, till there was no stain left upon it.
The latter is valueless if the stains are a few hours old.
His linen or clothes are examined, and brownish stains discovered upon them.
Planchet had followed the road; like Athos, he had discovered the stains of blood; like Athos, he had noted the spot where the horses had halted.