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Of note was our observation of a negative association between Me-PFOSA-AcOH and PFOSA and the percentage of high DNA stainability, suggesting fewer sperm with immature chromatin.
Keywords Antigraffiti, Stainability, Polyurethane, Silicone additive, Surface free energy
However, there appears to be enough variation for pollen stainability and seed set to indicate that selection for increased fertility is possible.
Given that silver stainability of NORs requires the transcriptional activity of the ribosomal genes during the preceding interphase (Hubbel, 1985), and taking into account that a variable number of NORs, between 6 and 12, are expressed, it was impossible to establish whether these NOR signals are homologous or homeologous.
com), Tampa, their green technology helps address the pressing challenge of providing for the stainability and efficient management of limited water resources.
nsf/obj/cesplan/$file/A+Perspective+on+env ironmental+su stainability.
The second, a small secretory cell with highly basophilic stainability, was distributed mainly in the middle fold and secreted acidic mucopolysaccaride.
Spikes for pollen stainability were collected at anthesis for Hycrest/6x-BL, Hycrest*2/6x-BL, and Hycrest/6x-BL//Hycrest/ 6x-BL.
We assayed pollen stainability for each individual by averaging two replicate samples of 100 randomly selected pollen grains on hemacytometer grids under a compound microscope.
The CWES cultivars Glenlea and Wildcat have laxer, fusiform spikes and lower pollen stainability relative to other spring wheat cultivars (Hucl, 1996).