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The glomeruli and renal tubules have lost the most protein contents and became slightly less stainable than the control animal cells (Fig.
It's easy to work with and dries fast, but it's not stainable, so you may want to find a more traditional wood filler if you plan to stain your project.
The challenges to maintain this precious gift of nature and to manage it in a stainable way are many and very serious," Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs Wu Hongbo told the opening of the session (UNFF10).
1984) suggest that azadirachtin interferes with the neuroendocrine system controlling ecdysone and JH synthesis, leading to a high accumulation of stainable neurosecretory material in the corpus cardiacum of L.
WOOD GLUE is the only stainable hardware glue on the market.
Instead of an iron profile, we relied on the semiquantitative analysis of stainable liver iron granules (scores 0 to 4) as a scoring system for the assessment of the overall tissue iron load.
Zaman (2006) distinguished stainable pollen, consequent of starchy pollen, as indicator of viable pollen and germinating pollen as indicator of pollen fertility.
Studies of fetal iron metabolism in monochorionic twin pregnancies with twin-twin transfusion syndrome have demonstrated higher ferritin concentrations in recipient twins than in donor twins in utero; however, these concentrations, as well as stainable postnatal liver iron, appear to be comparable to twins without this syndrome.
1 Diagnosis is usually performed by needle aspiration biopsy or excisional biopsy of the mass and the microbiological demonstration of stainable acid- fast bacteria.
2) Pleural biopsy showing granulomatous inflammation together with stainable acid-fast bacilli.
While the reservoirs appear to be largely empty (but not collapsed) in histological sections (at least, these do not contain stainable liquid secretion), a few (1-4) compact, slightly stainable spheres (sb) of about 50-70 mm in diameter could be found in the posterior part of the reservoirs (Fig.
As the Executive Vice President of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), which is the national-level R&D center in Taiwan, Chu has been the leader of six Core Laboratories at ITRI, which contain over 6,000 technical staff members tackling challenges in establishing new high tech industries, upgrading traditional industries, leading the drives for stainable growth, and developing highly skilled human resources.