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The stained slides were evaluated immediately under fluorescent microscope (400X; CX 41, Olympus, Japan) with an excitation filter at 460-570 nm and an emission filter at 460-610 nm.
All the ultrasound-guided FNAC smears were stained with Pap stain, HE stain, and Leishman stain.
4 Fluorescence microscopy increases the number of samples that can be read in a given time, because more slides can be stained and seen under the microscope and therefore is expensive than Ziehl-Neelsen stain.
At each stop, oversized stained Adirondack chairs provided a viewing area that allowed guests to watch as other event attendees contributed paintbrushes to the mosaic.
One smear was stained by standard ZN staining technique as per RNTCP guidelines (4) and second smear was stained by RZN staining method.
Toxascarisleonina and Toxocaracanis and Neoechinorhynchusiraqensis, all these stained helminthes were tacked a good coloration with distinction their internal structure.
4) first demonstrated auto fluorescence of pneumocystic carinii in pap stained smears.
Regular maintenance is then necessary to retain the appearance of the newly stained concrete and ensure that the lifetime of the stain is maximized.
Amongst hundred stool sample smears stained with modified acid-fast technique, eight were found to be positive for oocysts of Cryptosporidium, six were positive for oocysts of Cystoisospora belli, and two were positive for oocysts of Cyclospora spp.
The mycorrhizal colonization of roots stained with 5 (Percent) blue ink-acetic acid solution for 3-5 min was not significantly different, compared with 0.
Blue WBCs mean the bacteria surrounding them are not stained correctly.
The cocktail-stained sections were compared with the sections stained with the individual antibodies against P504S and p63, and no aberrant staining was detected, and the staining patterns are highly consistent among them.