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However, this strategy increased the labor burden and could fragment workflow due to the mismatch between high-capacity offline steps and lower-capacity stainers.
The %mortality was calculated by dividing the number of dead cotton stainers per replicate with total number of releases per replicate.
The Stainer family is celebrating the successful removal of a large tumour from the brain of 10-year-old Sam Stainer.
Shame the Stainers don't view their situation quite so candidly.
An automated slide stainer is used for staining hematology, histology, and cytology slides for diagnostic purposes.
Stony Brook University Medical Center intends to purchase Symphony Stainers, reagents, stains, and related products, manufactured by Roche, or equal.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Microtomes/Cryostats & Automated Stainers in Millions of US$.
Tenders for management of full service - Rental and service of full risk of stainers for immunistochimica and in situ hybridization full traceability system and the system of acquisition and digitization of images automatically,- Supply with delivery of all reagents and materials needed indicated in the tender.
Cuvette-design Stainers can deliver random access capabilities to microbiology labs.
The major product segments analyzed are Blood Administration Sets, Blood Bank Freezers, Blood Bank Refrigerators, Blood Cell Processors, Blood Cell Washer Bags, Blood Collection Needles, Blood Collection & Micro Collector, Blood Collection Tube Adapter, Blood Donor Sets, Blood Filters, Blood Grouping Analyzers, Blood Lancets, Blood Sample Mailers, Blood Sampling Kits, Blood Tube Mixes, Blood Warming Coils/Pouches, Cleaning Solutions, Donor Blood (Blood Bank) Mix, Blood Grouping Reagents, Coagulation Reagents, Hematology Reagents, Hematology Stains, Control Plasmas, Hematocrit Centrifuges, Microscopic Slides, Sedimentation Tubes, Slide Stainers, Specimen Labels, Test Tube Racks, and Vials.
bolt in 4 Inch dia boring ( Tube well ) about 100 feet boring and 2 Inch dia boring about 150 feet with stainers ( filters), gravels about 20 feet of standard approved quality I.
Today's slide makers and slide stainers are helping laboratories provide fast, cost-efficient, reliable, and uniform staining results.