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In protocol III, the processed samples were stained with different concentrations of staining solutions of AO i.
Leishman staining which is an easy, inexpensive, quick, and ubiquitous technique is ideally suited to diagnose the hooklets of HD.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection staining technique by fluorescence microscopy is about 10% more sensitive than the Ziehl-Neelsen staining technique and has a similar specificity.
One smear was stained by standard ZN staining technique as per RNTCP guidelines (4) and second smear was stained by RZN staining method.
All food colorings (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) with different concentrations gave a good result with compared with giemsa stain fig (1) shows Leishmaina promasitgote staining with giemsa stain nuclei, cytoplasm and cell membrane.
Manufacturers provide extensive training materials to ensure that anyone applying their products is aware of all of these important aspects of staining projects.
2) to compare the sensitivity of negative staining of Heine with modified negative staining method.
Although other researchers have proposed the use of acid fuchsin or chlorazol black E, the staining reagents are still suspected carcinogens (Gaur and Varma, 2007).
The cocktail-stained sections were compared with the sections stained with the individual antibodies against P504S and p63, and no aberrant staining was detected, and the staining patterns are highly consistent among them.
An increased understanding of factors affecting the staining of wood could lead to better control of the staining process and less variation in the color of stained wood and possibly lower manufacturing costs due to prevention of defects and restaining.
An oil or polyurethane finish can be mixed with the stain, so the do-it-yourselfer can complete the staining and finishing job in one step.