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Watch the stain of the rainbow fading out the sky, and you will know how that mysterious symbol passed away.
There IS a second stain, but it does not correspond with the other.
Holmes, but I thought the point of the second stain not corresponding with the first would interest you.
Gentlemen all, observe the dark stain upon this gentleman's hat, no wider than a shilling, but thicker than a half-crown.
His linen or clothes are examined, and brownish stains discovered upon them.
DIY expert Donny Sheridan answers your problems QWE have chlorine stains on the flagstones around our indoor swimming pool.
From patios and pool surroundings to outdoor areas in hotels, restaurants, casinos, and theme parks, homeowners and commercial businesses are using concrete stains to create unique atmospheres.
While everyone may have different tastes and preferences, diverse traditions and customs, and different stains to fight, everyone can agree that Ariel offers an outstanding solution with its new and improved formula driving - Best Stain Removal in 1-Wash* Ariel powers the art of stain-free hospitality
These products provide a solution to staining caused by lipstick, makeup, pen ink, and sweat stains.
July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ketchup, mustard and grass have always been the culprits of traditional stains but, over time, stains have evolved with each new generation creating their own, brand new mess.
A Each of those types of stains has some advantages.
NovoPath LiveView for Pending Stains makes it simple for labs to use electronic ordering for stains and special requests.