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With the recent introduction of structural composite lumber products, it is possible to use these members in stair stringer applications provided engineering data are available.
No, it's got nothing to do with live loads or dead loads, plug welds or groove welds, moments, beams, stair stringers, or vaults.
2004) of the structural performance of wood-based stair stringers with full-scale tests.
Over the years, Norfab has added several products to its catalogue with pre-fabricated, easy-to-assemble garden sheds, play houses, garages, flooring material, outdoor deck stair stringers and cedar gazebos, the latter of which became its own division.
GE T5 Starcoat([R]) Ecolux([R]) 3500 K fluorescent lamps, mounted in the stair stringers, provide a functional layer of light while accentuating the shape of the stairway.