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In collaboration with a math teacher, there are additional opportunities in the study of stair stringer carriage) and railer layouts.
EASY DOES IT: The Easy Riser engineered stair stringer system consists of pre-notched adjustable stringers that attach to standard lumber.
With the recent introduction of structural composite lumber products, it is possible to use these members in stair stringer applications provided engineering data are available.
But if you're new to stair building and don't want to start from scratch, use the old stair stringers as a pattern for tracing and then cutting new ones.
CUT A STAIR STRINGER as you normally would, leaving it extra long on top.
To avoid bumps in your final stair stringer, hold the jigsaw blade tight to the inside of the stringer cutting line.
joist hanger nails Rafter tie hangers Stair stringer to rim connections 3/8 x 4-in.
Replace Stair Stringer and Treads Cost: $50 to $75 for pressure-treated 2x12s (railing extra) Time: One to two days
12 000 m 2 painting of exposed concrete walls and columns, Stair stringers and underlays, Joists.