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Emphasising governance, support, and promotion, the workshop brought together all stakeholders from the sector, ranging from federal and local government entities and private sector organisations to eminent creative companies from Dubai and across the UAE.
Mathambo highlighted that the fight against graft needed the input of all stakeholders because corruption fights back strongly when it is confronted.
* No stakeholder is allowed to expropriate the interest of other stakeholders, and
Natural rubber stakeholders have aligned on a governance structure and priority actions for the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), an independent platform to lead improvements in the socio-economic and environmental performance of the natural rubber value chain.
O autor reconhece que a empresa nao alcancara a maximizacao do seu valor se nao levar em conta os interesses dos stakeholders, e entao sugere a enlightened stakeholder theory.
A group of port stakeholders has exposed the highly questionable multimillion-peso per container insurance collection by the Association of International Shipping Lines Inc.
This study is singular as it attempts to delineate the features of proactive stakeholder organizations by using a qualitative case study methodology.
Once you have identified your three categories of stakeholders, here's what you do:
We developed a checklist by operationalizing the A4R framework and reflecting on the ethical notions it invokes, supported by broader literature on stakeholder participation and public deliberation, paying special concern for the ethical demand to be accountable to adversely affected stakeholders.
He, therefore, called for more engagement among the industry players and important stakeholders with a view to guaranteeing a stable power supply regime in the country.
The chair was updated by all key stakeholders regarding the progress made by Pakistan on FATF Action Plan.
This was disclosed by the Senior Programme Advisor of the NGO, Dr Sakina Bello while speaking to Newsmen in Bauchi on Tuesday at the opening of a five-day capacity building for Gombe State stakeholders.