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After an extended stalemate, with Turkey carrying on preventing drilling plans in Cypriot EEZ, partition would be presented by the government as the only way for the government to proceed with its energy planning.
It wasn't clear whether the end of the stalemate had mooted a petition filed by lawyer Arturo de Castro in the Supreme Court on Thursday.
This stalemate is hurting American business, their employees and consumers.
There have been protests since last month's resignation of Mr Martelly's prime minister, Laurent Lamothe, and other concessions aimed at resolving the stalemate.
Kerry listed the stalemate and consequent presidential void first in a litany of reasons for his short visit to Lebanon Wednesday, which also included the refugee crisis and concerns about regional stability.
Highly- placed defence sources told M AIL T ODAY that inclusion of Rafale in the exercise was a French attempt to push the deal facing stalemate for a variety of reasons.
Also the release of the last group of the 104 prisoners, that initially helped cause the stalemate in the negotiations, were discussed.
Summary: West Texas Intermediate slid for a third day as part of the US government shut down over a budget stalemate, threatening to slow the economy and reduce demand in the world's largest oil consumer.
In the film, Dante's character, a frustrated middle-aged lesbian, comes to a stalemate with a stubborn grieving widow when the cars they are driving come grill-to-grill on a narrow back street in a poor Palermo neighborhood.
The Red Cross says it is planning humanitarian operations for an extended conflict in Syria in the absence of any sign of a political solution and military stalemate between rebels and government troops.
The group confirmed it will not take part in talks designed to end the current stalemate and de-escalate tensions until certain conditions are met, despite appeals from countries such as the UK.
18 (Petra)-Palestinian Authority President Thursday warned of the continued stalemate in the peace process.