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That staleness, however, has vanished and Easton, who netted Livingston's second goal in their 3-0 win over Inverness Caley, has credited it to his move to Almondvale which has rekindled his love of football.
There's a staleness about Hibs, a feeling that you've seen it all before and it's not much fun any more.
"We play each other four times a season which leads to a staleness so we maybe need a change to bigger leagues," he said.
It has bred complacency and staleness. We need people to be on their toes.
"Sometimes staleness comes in when you meet someone for the sixth time in a season."
Otto used hair pins to keep the slices of bread together in the hope it would prevent staleness, but it was when he hit upon the idea of wrapping the loaf in a wax paper that interest began to increase.
The result is a soulful fusion of the Berlin's three different faces that is heavy on mechanical staleness on the intro and extro, flanking the ingenious reimagination of electric club music through string scratches and body taps.
While they still reached the All-Ireland final, there was a staleness about them last year which was surely influenced by the fact that they fielded 14 of the 15 that had won the title the year before.
THE BINDING by Bridget Collins, Borough Press, PS12.99, ebook PS7.99 HHH HH BEGUILING and mysterious, with none of the musty staleness you'd ordinarily associate with the art of book making, The Binding by Bridget Collins - who's known for her young adult fiction - is rather enigmatic.
The K-League is still showing few signs of throwing off the staleness that has weighed it down over the past few years.
But bullishness in Brent cannot completely conceal the increasing staleness of long positions in the rest of the rest of the petroleum complex, as prices fail to rise further and the end of year approaches.