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ANGELA'S STORY Angela, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, was stalked by her ex-partner after he refused to accept their relationship was over.
Despite the new laws to deal with cases of obsession, the Crime Survey of England and Wales showed up to 700,000 women were stalked each year between 2009 and 2012.
Of the 230 subjects, 51% had stalked an ex-partner, 33% had stalked an acquaintance, and 16% had stalked a stranger.
63) In an intimate partner femicide study, researchers found that seventy-six percent of femicide victims had been stalked prior to being murdered.
7 percent of women report being stalked by the age of 45.
The reasons that mental health therapists are stalked may be relevant in understanding the underlying causes of student stalking of college professors.
The law is designed to provide a civil remedy for those being stalked.
Highlights from the report revealed that about half (46 percent) of stalking victims experienced at least one unwanted contact per week, and 11 percent of victims said that they had been stalked for 5 years or more.
Most of this research has shown that males form a significant proportion of those who are stalked by a former-intimate partner, and in more recent years, some studies have found that former-intimate stalking, like "domestic violence," is gender neutral or gender-inclusive.
Being stalked is one of a woman's worst nightmares and I lived in intense fear for over two years.
1 : to walk in a stiff or proud manner <He stalked angrily out of the room.