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He can stalk through dwelling after dwelling, leaving despair and desolation behind him, but the table must be laid, the dishes washed, the beds made, by somebody.
and their only fuel was the dry stalks of a small plant, somewhat resembling an aloe.
Piously and silently doth he stalk along on the star-carpets:--but I like no light-treading human feet, on which not even a spur jingleth.
Whereupon, leaving Jerry on deck to stalk the wild-dog, Captain Van Horn went below into the tiny stateroom and took a long drink from the very bottle from which Borckman was stealing.
The birch mushroom's stalk suggests a dark man's chin after two days without shaving," said Sergey Ivanovitch, speaking quite calmly now.
Before to-morrow night all the grain in the kingdom has to be gathered into one big heap, and if as much as a stalk of corn is wanting I must pay for it with my life.
The day passed slowly, and with the evening came the little mouse and said, 'Now there is not a single stalk of corn left in any field; they are all collected in one big heap on the hill out there.
For in a heap higher than the King's palace lay all the grain of the country, and not a single stalk of corn had been left behind in any of the fields.
Tarzan wondered if he would stalk him to his cabin door.
Therefore in the present study, general physical properties, bending stress, modulus of elasticity, shear stress and specific shearing energy were determined over stalks of 10 different maize (Zeamays L.
Materials: measuring cup * water * food coloring * 2 large jars of the same size * masking tape * marker * 2 celery stalks with leaves * scissors * paper towel * pencil and paper
Fresh from the garden, celery offers an unequaled season of flavor, with succulent, crisp and tasty stalks that are solid--not stringy--and never taste sharp or bitter.