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The British school story is known to Americans, if at all, from Tom Brown's Schooldays (1857) by Thomas Hughes and Rudyard Kipling's Stalky and Co.
Sentiment with a stiff upper lip and Stalky was off.
A besuited skeleton of smirks, quirks, twitches and winks, his creepy, stalky schtick and constant Machiavellian machinating proved as refreshing to watch as it was genuinely unsettling.
He's stalky kid who plays with a lot of heart,'' said third-year coach Hal Ogilvie, whose team is off to a 4-1 start.
Some works, the Aeneid or on a lesser scale Stalky and Co.
The memoir and Stalky & Co, his 1899 collection of semi-autobiographical school-boy stories, describe how he re-encountered Browning at the United Service College at Westward Ho when his irascible English and Classics master, William Carr Crofts, hurled a volume of Men and Women at the adolescent who had tried to impress classmates and teachers with his literary skills.
Serle's parents, both of whom were dedicated to the arts, encouraged their children to read Lawson's 'Loaded Dog' and Paterson's 'Geebung Polo Club', as well as Rudyard Kipling's Stalky & Co and R.
Replaced by the 'Likes' button which is the act of showing those same people that you're into something but without the stalky overtones 5.
In fact, I seem to recall he contributed articles to the Liverpool Daily Post on this and possibly other topics, under the pseudonym, I think, of Uncle Stalky.
It is not their greed per se that Kipling wishes to denounce: all their actions are described with an air of sympathetic amusement, as if they are older versions (as they no doubt were, in Kipling's mind) of Stalky, Beetle, and M'Turk.
Cut hard root bottom off the fennel bulbs and stalky tops.
Now the forts of Antwerp, broken into blocks, slide into a moat as bergs break off into the sea; the blocks, metamorphosed into the dead, sprawl naked as grave-mounds in the stalky fields[.