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Much had been made this summer of the stalled and abandoned properties in hip Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, where locals had complained the work stoppage brought rats, vandals and vagrants.
The City should consider further incentives to encourage developers to re-start stalled projects.
The rig stalled, the flames were licking up at us and we were trying to get uphill,'' he said.
Staten Island has tripled its number of stalled construction sites, from 20 to 60, over the past year (9% of Citywide total).
The Building Congress also found that 36% of the stalled sites Citywide remain vacant, meaning that developers have obtained land and construction permits but have yet to commence work.
According to New York City architect Steven Kratchman, AIA, "The problem for owners of stalled, abandoned building sites is how to properly mothball them now, so that when they are ready to be 'un-abandoned' in the future, they are not tangled in unnecessary bureaucratic red tape or that the project, due to physical or structural deterioration, doesn't have to go backwards too far to be restarted again.
The Deputy Premier expressed his delight at the settlement of the stalled project in a satisfactory way that preserved the rights of buyers and investors.
An average of 691 sites have been identified as stalled during the month of November, up from 592 in February.
Ten of the top twenty-five most expensive cancelled or stalled projects in Saudi Arabia account for $59.
In a sign of progress, the average number of stalled sites in the five boroughs has either fallen or remained steady in each of the past 11 months.
The legislation is aimed at getting the home on the federal government's priority list for funding, thus getting around federal regulation revisions that have stalled construction.
We want to emphasize here that negotiations have stalled, not ended.