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Therefore, the AFH guidance to maneuver 'without indication of a stall,' is inconsistent with the suggested airspeed range of 3-5 knots above the stalling speed provided in that same handbook.
Any time an abrupt maneuver results in a stall, it probably will be with power on, and stalling with power on typically means everything about the stall happens more quickly.
Load the wing to 2G and, following the blue arrows, you'll find the stalling speed to be about 77 knots--the same 40-percent increase seen in Figure 3, presuming altitude remains constant.
That increased AoA puts the forward-CG airplane closer to the wing's stalling AoA, something generally considered undesirable.
Afterward, we're treated to a discussion about accelerated stalls and how the airplane will enthusiastically stop flying at an airspeed sometimes well above its straight-ahead stalling speed.