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We theorize that such timing may represent a cultural initiative to protect masculine interests during a time of dramatic family change that threatened men's heretofore stalwartly dominant position in the family.
STEVEN GERRARD Quiet game for the skipper in attack but defended stalwartly.
All of them were newcomers but for two: Barry Banks, who's been Albery's inimitably endearing Francis Flute from the start, and Patrick Car fizzi, the stalwartly put-upon Quince of the 2002 revival.
On his first election trail in 1871 he hemorrhaged repeatedly but stalwartly kept campaigning (Skelton 27).
But the people involved stalwartly believe they are breaking a whole new path for wine marketing.
Bikram VohraI once saw Andre Agassi play at Roland Garros (pronounced 'orran gawo', you uneducated slob) and after he had won the match he took off his shirt and flung it into the stands, thereby starting a mini-riot as a slew of lovely French ladies fought stalwartly to retrieve the trophy.
We must stalwartly consolidate and develop the public economy, insist on the core role of public ownership, allow the state-owned economy to play a leading role, and unstintingly strengthen the state-owned economy's vitality, dominance and influence.
In France, where President Francois Hollande didn't face the same institutional barriers as did Obama and Cameron, public opinion was nevertheless stalwartly opposed to military involvement in Syria.
201) Only in the 1960's did the FCC come out stalwartly in rescue of local TV stations, forcing cable companies to carry them with the justification that if local stations had to compete with cable they would lose advertisers, threatening their existence and, as a result, impairing access to information by people in rural areas where cable wasn't present.
Ankara has refused to act unilaterally thus far, despite stalwartly opposing the Syrian regime.
Above these street corners stand colonial era buildings with primary colours worn soft by the damp air and trees fully rooted in cracked window sills--old post offices and embassies stalwartly waging a losing war of attrition with Mother Nature.
INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART * April 24-July 28 * Curated by Kate Kraczon * Experimenting with the fragility of materials such as cellophane, powder, lipstick, and eye shadow, Karla Black creates visceral sculptures that convey vulnerability and uncertainty yet remain stalwartly poised on the verge of something extraordinary.