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Dressed in 1960s-era clothes, the two pairs of human lovers were stalwartly sung and deftly acted by Norman Reinhardt (Lysander), Marie Lenormand (Hermia), Liam Bonner (Demetrius) and Katie van Kooten (Helena).
McKenzie Leiper begins with a clever play on words--discussing civil and criminal codes as the cornerstones of legal doctrine, codes of conduct for professional standards, dress codes, and coded meanings embedded in the stalwartly masculine culture and traditions of law practice.
Still, Groves does stalwartly believe that the Tractarian concept of "Reserve," for instance, may have guided Hopkins in those post.
Returning home in 1945 after taking part in the grisly business of bombing cities, I was amused to find civilians stalwartly digging victory gardens while holding up bravely "for the Duration" under the burden of sugar and gasoline rationing.
Sue Brimmer has stalwartly managed all the hospice's support services for several years and, together with much support from East Birmingham PCT, they are leading the hospice forward.
Presbyterians stalwartly opposed an American bishop and unleashed a propaganda war throughout the Middle Colonies.
While he is stalwartly defending his profession against the latest marketing initiative by Yeo Valley (which, incidentally, I have not seen) he raises an even more important issue.
The denominations that are triumphing all across the global South are stalwartly traditional or even reactionary by the standards of the economically advanced nations.
With the exception of a short period in the early 1860s, he was stalwartly orthodox--not an easy task for a prolific, autodidactic essayist.
The exhibition's relentlessly chronological organization also helps us see how stalwartly Eakins resisted the prevailing tendency of his age to flatten form and exploit the decorative potential of the pictorial surface.
It starts with a well-known but still somewhat puzzling phenomenon of urban history: Parisians embraced the apartment house as early as the 1820s, making it a predominant housing type, while Londoners stalwartly preferred the private house and only reluctantly turned to large apartment blocks in the 1880s.
It's his kids' turn now, and so he sets up in the shadows and stalwartly supports his children (his daughter Jenny Johnson Jordan is inching ever closer to securing a U.