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They grasped the staminal tube with the forelegs, bent their abdomen forward onto the anthers and vigorously moved mid and hind legs, transferring the pollen to the scopal setae in the hind tibia and metasomal sterna.
Likewise the morphology of the staminal tubes, which may be straight or curved, is not related to the sex of the flower, and both forms of tube may occur in the same plant, either male or female.
Staminal filament indumentum: glabrous=0; hairy= 1; unnamed state=2.
Tripping in its simplest form occurs when the staminal column is released under the weight of a pollinating insect as it alights on the wing-petal and forages on the intrastaminal nectary at the base of the ovary.
Some of these characters, including inflorescence position and "winter" development, bracteole position, indumentum of the corolla and filaments, anther texture, presence and positioning of staminal appendages (spurs, awns, tubules, etc.
This has repercussions on descriptions of "vascular stubs" that occur on the receptacle and that are related with preexisting staminal whorls.
For the Asclepiadoideae he concluded that "the border between a receptacular base of the staminal column and an upper part in which the filaments are fused cannot be made out.
Le tapis staminal (assise nourriciere du pollen) chez les angiospermes.
Aspects ultrastructuraux et cytochimiques du tapis staminal chez Calotropis procera (Asclepiadaceae).
However, it is not clear what is represented by the fringe of hairs below the staminal whorl in Anomochloa, or the large, fleshy, lanceolate bracts in this position in Streptochaeta.
Rubiaceae) has a pseudomonomerous ovary while in Asclepiadaceae the ovary is both modified and also fused to the staminal whorl to form the complex gynostegium.