stamp of approval

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eCogra's stamp of approval emphasizes our continued dedication to fair gaming and customer satisfaction.
With regard to APHA's desire to encourage other retailers to do the same, I seriously doubt that the stamp of approval by APHA will have much effect on their business decision-making.
area the stamp of approval to undergo a major re development.
The Stamp of Approval is a tremendous credit to our team and their commitment to be the best.
He predicted the safety standards set by space entrepreneurs for rocket ships will work as well as the Underwriters Laboratories' stamp of approval on electrical devices.
Halper and Clarke should have devoted a little more space to Criticism of how the neocons' doings, admittedly with the stamp of approval by Congress, belittles the harm done to the principles and stature of the United States.
THE stamp of approval has been given by two native Welsh sea captains to Royal Mail's latest set of commemorative stamps.
A welsh sea captain has been given the stamp of approval by the Royal Mail.
That's roughly the procurement budget of the department of Homeland Security, branded with the Bush stamp of approval in late November.
Last week, the branded Welsh Beef received the stamp of approval from Rural Development Minister Michael German when he visited the St Merryn Meat plant at Merthyr Tydfil to see it processed - the first under the new Date Based Export Scheme (DBES).
For this to happen, the Agriculture Department must give its stamp of approval after reviewing this pilot study.
Not surprisingly, Drizin applauded the AAP's decision: "The stamp of approval from a widely respected and mainstream organization .