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To survive and succeed in the Klondike, aspiring miners needed to be flexible, practical and accommodating, in order to form the opportune partnerships with fellow stampeders.
Stampeders they were called, these men and women who walked out on career and family to join the most dramatic gold rush of all time.
Reserve additions in the year to date, as determined internally by Stampeder, are estimated at 25 mmboe of proven reserves and 35 mmboe of proven plus probable reserves.
The Stampeder transaction is expected to close on Aug.
The appointments follow Peter Williams' resignation as Chief Operating Officer and a director of Stampeder effective May 26, 1997.
11 per share, realized in the first quarter of 1996, notwithstanding that Stampeder incurred deferred taxes in the first quarter of 1997.
The strategic corporate acquisitions, royalty trust dispositions and drilling successes have provided Stampeder with the resources, both financial and physical, for even greater growth in 1997 and future years.
The proceeds will be used by Stampeder to fund the prepayment of US $40 million 7.
13, 1996--Stampeder (NYSE, TSE: SDX) Stampeder Exploration Ltd.
Stampeder acquired approximately 71 million shares representing over 93 percent of the total issued and outstanding shares of Morgan.
He has spent the last two years in the Canadian Football league with the Calgary Stampeders.
He played defensive tackle at the University of Miami and went on to a stint on the practice roster of the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League in 1995.