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If Judge's seven years in the north taught him to anticipate the medical needs of a gold rush, nothing could have prepared him for the full scope of the Klondike phenomenon, especially when the main body of stampeders flooded into Dawson City in mid-June 1898.
Stampeder had capital expenditures of approximately $115,870,000 in the first half of 1997, including expenditures related to the drilling of 164 (123.
Gulf intends to offer approximately C$739 million to acquire Stampeder in an all equity transaction by offering 0.
A preliminary prospectus and a registration statement relating to the common shares of Stampeder has been filed with the securities regulatory authorities in each of the provinces of Canada and the Securities and Exchange Commission, respectively.
The appointments follow Peter Williams' resignation as Chief Operating Officer and a director of Stampeder effective May 26, 1997.
Cronkhite held engineering positions with several oil and gas companies including Hudson's Bay, Scepter, Stampeder and Calpine.
In that regard, during the first quarter Stampeder had a light oil discovery and a gas discovery in northern Alberta and six Stampeder and two joint venture new pool heavy oil discoveries in Saskatchewan.
Sig Gutsche, President of Hard Rock Cafe, Calgary, and the owner of the Calgary Stampeder Football Club, and William J.
CALGARY, ALBERTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 6, 1997--Stampeder (TSE, NYSE: SDX) Stampeder Exploration Ltd.
A significant portion of the properties were acquired by Stampeder as a result of its recent acquisitions of Morgan Hydrocarbons Inc.
Abbott was Senior Vice-President of Exploration for Stampeder Explorations Ltd.
13, 1996--Stampeder (NYSE, TSE: SDX) Stampeder Exploration Ltd.