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STAMP, revenue. An impression made on paper, by order of the government, which must be used in reducing certain contracts to writing, for The purpose of raising a revenue. Vide Stark. Ev. h.t.; 1 Phil. Ev. 444.
     2. Maryland is the only state in the United States that has enacted a stamp.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The set contains three texture stampers, rollers, and double-sided mats, and rolling cutters, scissors, stylus, Together Time Guide, and six cans of compound.
Additionally, the tanscribability defined as the ratio of pattern depth between a stamper and a substrate is also important as the patterns in the substrate become more precise with increasing optical storage densities [4].
Swedish micro and nano structure production technology developer Obducat AB said on Tuesday (9 August) that it has received an order for stampers from Samsung Electronics.
We found that the Panasonic system had a proven track record for its reliability and consistency in producing high quality optical disc stampers. We feel confident we have the very best mastering system along with the best technical and customer service staff available.
Exact details have not been disclosed but the employees are thought to own more than ten per cent of the company and the Stampers have the balance of the 51 per cent slab.
The new valve gives metal stampers the option of lubricating the stock from above, from below, or from both directions.
This is used to create a master; two mother discs are then created from each master; and then up to 20 third generation "stampers" are copied from each mother disc, depending on the size of an order.
You can't buy Stampers in the shops - the only way to get your hands on one is through Mega Mirror.
And independent stampers who serve OEMs are adopting transfer.
The Playset with launcher includes satellite stamper, five removable engine stampers, and five Can-Heads characters filled with Play-Doh compound.
In this study, we fabricated nickel stampers with V-grooves (groove pitches of 100 and 50 [micro]m) by micromachining and electroforming.
Supplies hot stampers, heat-transfer presses, and pad printers, as well as the Uni-Ring Multi-Print, which combines hot stamping and pad printing.