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She said China is an emerging world power, and we thank our all-weather friend for backing Pakistan's stance in support of the oppressed Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir.
In a series of tweets, she said China has again supported Pakistan's stance on Kashmir issue and proved that it always stands with truth and uprightness.
China, as a friend of Pakistan, has strongly once again supported Pakistan's stance on Kashmir dispute, she said.
Scanlon, Michael Smith, Ralph Wedgwood, Richard Arneson, Roger Crisp, and Richard Kraut, maintain that an individual's favorings or stance never play a normative role in grounding reasons.
He added that their stance on MAP will also remain the same.
Watch what Puyat had to say on the Palace's comment on Gray's stance:
Speaking to the media before departing, FM Qureshi said Kashmir is an important cornerstone of Pakistan's foreign policy and that Pakistan's stance on the issue being very clear.
The PPP president emphasized that the government's stance on Kashmir was also the stance of the entire nation.
In conjunction, research has shown the single-leg stance to be highly variable even in healthy patients, resulting in unreliable and time-consuming evaluations.
Stance is the first of the seven fundamentals of marksmanship, an< it's one of the most misunderstood.
Position your ball in the middle of your stance when you hit your wedges.
The latest victim of this trend is the Weaver stance: the venerable two-handed hold used in practical handgun shooting.