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Specificity of foot configuration during bipedal stance in ballet dancers.
Except the stance Cooper adopted wasn't the Weaver stance.
Prince Khalifa attributed the Gulf and international support to Saudi Arabia to the respect it commands through its honourable stances.
Representatives of the international community reiterated the stance on refraining from violence during the protests.
She added that she rejected the offer based on her national stances which oppose any intervention in Syria's sovereignty, moreover, the program presenter is well known for her negative stance towards the crisis in Syria.
Also, the Bahraini premier expressed hope that the UNSC assume its required responsibilities, and that the Saudi stance should be backed strongly at all levels.
The division pitted western countries that do not want to remain silent about what is happening in Syria against other states, which are calling for non-intervention - some of them have accepted the Syrian regime's stance that the reason for the "security solution" to the protests is the existence of armed gangs in the ranks of the opposition, despite the peaceful nature of their protests.
There has been little attention to the stances that supervisors take and how they influence supervisory practice in helping beginning teachers learn to teach though some work has been done on the conceptualizations of practice by the supervisors of practicing teachers (e.
SHARM AL-SHEIKH, June 15, 2010 (WAFA)- President Mahmoud Abbas affirmed, today, the Palestinian and Egyptian unanimity about the political stances, negotiation and national dialogue.
Holding such conferences attended by various officials from the different world countries indicates that Iran enjoys expanded relations with the world and discusses its stances with them," Sanayee continued.
Daoud al-Sayegh, who visited Sfeir in Bkirki, said he delivered to the patriarch "a message of appreciation, friendship and goodwill for his firm and constructive national stances.
The 8 defenders are in two point stances, making it easier for two of them to see and run to the ball.