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Steams begins to address these issues toward the end of his book, but not really sufficiently to stanch a queezy feeling that emotions are both more and less than a constructivist framework allows.
Gains at producers of electrical machinery, industrial machinery and computer equipment, and paper helped stanch the decline.
Perchance I'll munch a stick of gum, Or in the theater brazenly hum; My hat, belike, will flout the law Laid down for hats at Old Nassau; My anecdotes you'll strive to stanch, And at my table manners blanch; My every word and every deed Will agony and embarrassment breed; Your goal of goals, the end of your ends, To hide me forever from your friends.
Management cited cost-cutting measures and gross margin adjustments as the primary factors that helped stanch the deficit in the third quarter relative to the second quarter.
SHO Naseerabad Chaudhry Akhtar, when contacted, confirmed that 5 suspected robbers had tortured the captain in a bid to stanch his car .
PESHAWAR -- A stanch supporter of Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a lawyer on Monday has said that the November 02 protest sit-in (dharna) is aimed at breaking the current status quo and bringing the whole system under transparency.
Taking to media here on Thursday, he said even his stanch opponents could not point finger on his character and implicate him in corruption.
As for Deputy General Michel Aoun' s demands and his stanch rejection to take over the President' s share at cabinet, Fares stressed that all will eventually resort to the constitution.
Mullen said General Kayani is stanch supporter of democracy and does not want a military coup in the country.
Samantha Cray hadn't really wanted to die, but after the phone call from across the Atlantic, only blood could stanch her pain.
One way that manufacturers have attempted to stanch the erosion in sales has been by expanding the range of absorbent products that addresses the needs of women of various age groups.