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The US would never be capable of stanching the anger of the Egyptian youth and of misleading their revolution by supporting unvalued governments, Larijani said, addressing an open session of the parliament.
Later that day, the Los Angeles native attended to a woman who fell near his apartment building, stanching the bleeding of a cut to her head while waiting for paramedics to arrive.
A new gel may provide a cheap means of stanching blood flow on the battlefield or in any other situation where there isn't time for stitches.
In his first speech to Congress, President Obama last night had the challenge of persuading the American people that expanding health care programs, stimulating the economy by spending trillions of borrowed dollars and stanching federal red ink all can be achieved.
That leads to a stanching of the flow of information to the public: No more Watergates or Pentagon Papers, no Tearoom Trade or Tally's Corner.