stand aloof

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Snell, the landlord, a man of a neutral disposition, accustomed to stand aloof from human differences as those of beings who were all alike in need of liquor, broke silence, by saying in a doubtful tone to his cousin the butcher--
On the other hand, Khamenei likes to stand aloof from factional competition (no matter how often his office intervenes in aspects of government).
Conifers and pines stand aloof and barely sway, They don't really have much to say.
To best address such concerns, Obama should abandon his lawyerly approach and stand aloof from spineless bureaucrats whose vision is limited by the confines of their narrow cubicles.
Is the Labour party really suggesting that the British Government should stand aloof from these massive changes with all the consequences they have for the British people?
James Alic Garang, a native of Northern Bahr el Ghazal studying in United States of America, approved the Bishop's, adding "few within our community, who for one reason or another, chose to stand aloof over this issue of the land.
We cannot stand aloof from their problems and needs.
If it leads the van bravely in the good fight, scores will join its ranks who now stand aloof from sheer cowardice--men whose consciences have long tormented them for culpable inaction.
Al-Sharif also denied rumours mongered by some circles on some officials' escaping from the country, saying that, "such rumours are baseless because NDP does not know escape because we firmly protect the nation's security and we will stand aloof for the sake of homeland," reasserting that people's demands, "stand high above our heads.
Sir Michael commented: "The nation is facing very difficult times and I think it will simply be intolerant if the BBC doesn't send a strong message that it doesn't stand aloof and separate from these pressures.
Of course, I could stand aloof and pretend it has no bearing on me.
We cannot stand aloof and be impartial to what is going on in friendly neighbouring countries and adjacent countries.