stand aloof

See: eschew
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The doctors know that he is best with her, and when not actively engaged about him, stand aloof.
By a conscious effort of the mind we can stand aloof from actions and their consequences; and all things, good and bad, go by us like a torrent.
But it may not have its own free time--will not, if they are left alone--and the question is, shall we two, because society calls us enemies, stand aloof, and let them rush into each other's arms, when, by approaching each other sensibly, as we do now, we can prevent it, and part them?'
The fight has hemmed you in as with a circle of fire, and even now that the Trojans are within the wall some of them stand aloof in full armour, while others are fighting scattered and outnumbered near the ships.
Snell, the landlord, a man of a neutral disposition, accustomed to stand aloof from human differences as those of beings who were all alike in need of liquor, broke silence, by saying in a doubtful tone to his cousin the butcher--
He has, therefore, charged churches in the country to be bold to condemn corrupt practices permeating in every sphere of the nation, adding that the church cannot stand aloof while a few people drain the country off its resources at the expense of the majority.
He warned that there was no need for any Nigerian to stand aloof when evil is perpetrated, saying anybody who cherishes democracy must work hard to safeguard it.
The public can no longer afford to stand aloof as their country totters on the brink of receivership,'' Mudavadi said.
In the context of escalating levels of need arising out of conflict, transnational crime, terrorism, natural disasters and chronic poverty, Trinidad and Tobago cannot and will not stand aloof as the global community confronts these pressing contemporary global challenges.
stand aloof in the field and sail the lake, evaluate its worth.
The only MNA elect from Sindh who also opted to stand aloof in parliament is Ali Muhammad Khan Mahar.
The first myth is that our kingdom's watery boundary creates an ineradicable distinction between us and our continental brothers and sisters; that we ourselves, and our problems and issues, are different and separate; that we can stand aloof from our neighbours.