stand aloof

See: eschew
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The doctors know that he is best with her, and when not actively engaged about him, stand aloof.
By a conscious effort of the mind we can stand aloof from actions and their consequences; and all things, good and bad, go by us like a torrent.
But it may not have its own free time--will not, if they are left alone--and the question is, shall we two, because society calls us enemies, stand aloof, and let them rush into each other's arms, when, by approaching each other sensibly, as we do now, we can prevent it, and part them?
The fight has hemmed you in as with a circle of fire, and even now that the Trojans are within the wall some of them stand aloof in full armour, while others are fighting scattered and outnumbered near the ships.
Snell, the landlord, a man of a neutral disposition, accustomed to stand aloof from human differences as those of beings who were all alike in need of liquor, broke silence, by saying in a doubtful tone to his cousin the butcher--
This is not the time for anybody to stand aloof and watch the Federal Government alone do it.
The president can stand aloof or decide when and in what form he/she will intervene.
Festus' persistent silence in the face of deteriorating situation breeds confusion, complications, and hence makes the world stand aloof.
In an attempt to find out if the absence of sign language has caused this segment of the population to stand aloof as it relates to the upcoming elections, KUNA interviewed Jaber Al-Kanderi, a member of this community and an official at the Asia-Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation (APDSC).
Wales cannot stand aloof from such developments, especially with Europe emerging as our biggest overseas market, buying PS5.
Wales cannot stand aloof from such developments especially with Europe emerging as our biggest overseas market, buying PS5.
THE heron's gone, He's left his platform on the lake, Where he would stand aloof, While all around the other birds, Would swoop and call and carry on, And he, oblivious to the fuss they'd make, Would wait, alert for any movement, Under water where his gaze was fixed, Who knows how many hours he spent?