stand apart

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Savvy recruiters who stand apart from the crowd know the value of spreading the word about their good work, and there's no better reason for entering these awards
June 9: Hamdan suggests AF Ambassador Bo Van Pelt select "the Saturday polo" from the Chambers Bay collection in navy blue with collar and cuffs in red, white and blue plaid that reflects "proud American heritage" and will ensure that the seasoned pro "will truly Stand Apart."
Sweden, like Britain, has decided to remain outside the European banking union in a move expected to strengthen the position of countries which have opted to stand apart.
At a time when, they claim, the public is struggling to tell the difference between the three major parties, the Greens reckon their willingness to stand apart makes them a viable alternative.
The bank wanted its advertising to stand apart from what other banks in the market were doing.
In what other ways will you stand apart from the other senators?
audiences, selecting over fifty bistros which stand apart due to regional foods, wines, and atmospheres.
MKDA has helped XE Capital, an asset management and capital markets firm, stand apart from traditional investment firms with an edgy 5,000 s/f build out on the second-floor at 24 West 40th Street.
Set to the infernally tuneful songs of Harry Dubin and A1 Warren, these production numbers stand apart from the sappy, good-natured, backstage plots, in which pre-production code moral standards prevail (man and wife could then still share the same bed on celluloid).
Content that makes it here has been sufficiently compelling to stand apart from the blogosphere's cacophonous chatter.
Joe's owner Steven Sawitz said the company looked into where Joe's Stone Crab could stand apart as a brand in the retail market.
Several features makes Polar Bear Windows stand apart from its competitors.