stand apart

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Sweden, like Britain, has decided to remain outside the European banking union in a move expected to strengthen the position of countries which have opted to stand apart.
Jockum Nordstrom performs a similar feat in the city's art world: His enigmatic, oddly "old-fashioned" drawings and muted mixed-media pieces in watercolor, gouache, and collage stand apart from the visual styles currently in vogue--high-production, knowing, bigger-is-better.
Rather than stand apart from molecular biology, we feel it is so much a part of our life now," says Scott.
GT: At a time when professionals and amateurs alike are turning to day-glow colors and aggressive patterns in an effort to stand out, you've started the Stand Apart Movement.
When the renovation work is complete in September, 55 Railroad Avenue will stand apart as the place to do business in Greenwich.
His findings contradict several studies of genetic material in modern populations, which indicate Europeans and Asians are linked together while Africans stand apart and probably formed the founding group of anatomically modern humans.