stand around

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``Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe,'' said the gallant Outlaw, stepping forward, ``my assurances can add nothing to those of our sovereign; yet, let me say somewhat proudly, that of men who have suffered much, he hath not truer subjects than those who now stand around him.''
At 11:15, the KSE-100 index - a benchmark for market performance - was up 839.29 points or 2.40% to stand around 35,788.57.
The complete vehicle weighs some 4.5 million kilograms fully-fueled and will stand around 118 meters (387 feet) tall with both stages stacked together.
The contributions push it into the ranks of far wealthier countries like the United Kingdom (1.3 per cent GDP to charity) and Canada (1.2 per cent of GDP), and stand around twice what India gives to those in need as a percentage of its GDP.
Summary: Tral (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], September 21 (ANI): At least one civilian was killed and seven personnel of 180 Bn CRPF injured in a grenade attack followed by firing by unidentified militants near the Tral bus stand around 12:00 a.m.
According to media reports, currently there are 2700 regular and 870 daily wages and contract employees are working in different departments of PBC and the strength of pensioners stand around 5000.
The average monthly temperature in July is expected to stand around and above normal levels, which are 22[degrees]-26[degrees] for plains, 18[degrees]-21[degrees] for high fields, and 6[degrees]-13[degrees] for mountains.
He said gold would remain in range of $1,270 an ounce and the commodity in rupee term would stand around Rs 49,700 a tola on the back of moderate interest of the investors as they preferred to allocate money to sectors that would make money, either in stocks or in share market.
Aggregate returns to SoftBank's investment through arms which includes dividends received during ownership, stand around $8.4 billion.
I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw this buck walk under my stand around 10 yards out.
He's rushed to hospital and his family stand around his bedside but they still find the time to have an almighty fight over who gets to run the factory.
"I just did the voice, I didn't have to stand around in a suit covered in pingpong balls.