stand around

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I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw this buck walk under my stand around 10 yards out.
Their work seemed to go something like this: Get down on your knees for no more that two or three minutes with a scraper, get up and have a cigarette, get on the mobile phone for five minutes, then stand around surveying the scene.
Everything we did took three times as long simply due to the ridiculous amount of time they would stand around and talk about it.
They stand around in their hard hats, reflective coats and big boots.
The robber didn't choose to stand around and give her a few more tries; he fled for the door, minus any loot.
True, he was kind enough to stand around in the freezing cold and pose for your video, but his strained smile suggests that he was uncomfortable with this attention (or thought you were nuts).
When not in motion themselves, individual members tend to stand around strategically draped against Yael Pardess' two-level urban playground of a set watching their friends tear it up.
Wakes, after all, revolve around bodies: the Body of Christ, which saves us from eternal death; the dead body, there in the casket; and the bodies that kneel and weep or that stand around and tell funny stories about the one who's laid out.
What some of the older hookers don't realise is that they used to stand around not doing much.
Wrapped up against the freezing elements she appeared perfectly happy to stand around until her chosen mode of public transport arrived.
The city where the unspeakable has occurred is now hosting the unthinkable--a show where guys just stand around playing with their dorks.
Nobody wants to stand around and point a finger at this woman [who had a baby at 63] and say, 'You're immoral.