stand aside

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He added: "Not only should she stand aside while this investigation takes place but another force ought to take over the investigations.
I cannot stand aside as we pay for terrorist training schools such as the School of the Americas that go into Latin America to violently support the economic interests of the United States.
I'm pleased because I was initially frustrated at being asked to stand aside by the national party HQ's candidate team.
Will that idea also mean that those at the Assembly, having to stand aside after that time scale.
If he's really good then I'll stand aside and back him," he posted on his @VoteForBoro account on December 22.
At this point, the path is bordered by briars and nettles, so to stand aside was a very Christian thing to do.
Damian Collins, a Tory MP who sits on the culture, media and sport committee and who has made a name for himself as a campaigner for Fifa reform, said Terry had to stand aside.
Summary: There are increasing calls for John Terry to stand aside as England skipper until the conclusion of his court case later this year.
Her decision to stand aside from the Republican nomination process came after the summer polls showed she was trailing way behind her rivals.
I don't think we can stand aside and let that happen," Cameron added.
The US administration is going to stand aside in the dispute between Macedonia and Greece, waiting for an initiative from the governments in Athens and Skopje.
STRATEGY: STAND ASIDE GBP/USD - In the process of testing some key range highs by 1.