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The location in a courtroom where the parties and witnesses offer their testimony. To appear in court; to submit to the jurisdiction of the court.

To stand trial, for example, means to try, or be tried on, a particular issue in a particular court.


(Position), noun attitude, belief, bent, bias, inclination, leaning, opinion, outlook, point of view, position, slant, standpoint, vantage point, view, viewpoint


(Witness' place in court), noun booth, box, place, platform, position, post, stall, station, witness box, witness stand
See also: bear, belief, desist, endure, halt, last, lie, opine, opinion, outlook, remain, resist, resistance, rest, stay, suffer, thesis, tolerate, withstand

TO STAND. To abide by a thing; to submit to a decision; to comply with an agreement; to have validity, as the judgment must stand.

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Hopes are high that Cockney Rebel will stand at stud in England.
Retirement plans: Santa Anita Derby winner Indian Charlie will stand at stud at the Vinery, in Midway, Ky.
We are at the moment looking to get a suitable place for him to stand at stud.
Larry the Legend was finally retired and will stand at stud at Mira Loma Thoroughbred Farm.
GO GO SONIC, the 2011 Nottingham Produce Stakes winner and runner-up in this year's Racing Post Juvenile at Wimbledon behind Eden Star, is to stand at stud for a short time while he recuperates from a hip muscle injury, writes Jonathan Kay.
The former Dermot Weld-trained star was bought for pounds 2million and taken Down Under to stand at stud.