stand behind

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"What they would like people to know is that they stand behind their products, and that they can customer-design a home plan.
'At this juncture, we want to call on the Kabiyesi to always stand behind his people.
The women always stood behind the miners, the miners will stand behind these women."
Okaz newspaper commented on Yemen, saying that the coup rebels of Houthis and followers of Ali Abdullah Saleh can not continue in their disregard for the United Nations resolutions, if there is determination by countries of the whole world to stand in front of this arrogance, noting that it is time that free powers in the world stand behind the Arab Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen to put an end to this persistent bullying being practiced by various sectarian forces and end the sufferings of the Yemeni people.
Dubai Court of First Instance was yesterday told that the 44-year-old Pakistani driver allegedly took advantage of the crowd of people to stand behind the girl and rub his body against her.
Is to stand behind him in front of a mirror and very slowly Go through the ancient silly ritual: prop up the shirt collar, Drape the tie around the holy squirming lean beloved neck You have seen every day for years and years since the first Moment you saw it peer out of its moist miraculous cavern.
The source added that these "phenomenon and ideology which do not take into account the sanctity of humans, confirms that those stands behind it are far from Islam and its values." The source confirmed Kuwait stand behind with Saudi Arabia and support all the measures taken to maintain security and stability of the country.
I want people in Scotland to know that the whole of the United Kingdom stands behind your pensions, stands behind unemployment benefit, will stand behind Scotland if it has a difficult year, if the oil price goes down."
Should we break down, we stand behind the barriers.
"We prepared well for the game and we discussed a lot of things, but what flag we were going to stand behind was definitely not one of them."
"The government will forcefully confront the suspicious calls to violate law and order and those who stand behind them through decisive measures," he said.